Welcome, Traveler . . .

Sanctuary of Women is a website created as a companion to Jan Richardson's book In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection & Prayer. Although the site is intertwined with the book, it offers a space of its own. This site is an invitation, a doorway, a threshold into reflection and contemplation, conversation and prayer. It is a place to ponder where you find sanctuary in your life, or where you long for it; it is a space to reflect on where you meet the sacred, and where you hunger for it. And perhaps, in this place, you will find a few threads of connection and community that will sustain you on your way.

In the introduction to the book, Jan writes,

"In this place, may you find a space of hospitality for all of who you are. Here among these women, may there be comfort and challenge, mystery and grace to provide sustenance for your every step. For everything that lies within you, may there be a welcome. May this be for you a refuge, a place of meeting, a shelter. May it be a sanctuary."

And so may it be for you who have found your way to this place. Here in the wilds of cyberspace, in the midst of whatever your life looks like in this moment, may you find a welcome here, and may blessings attend your path.